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Normally, it’s often easier to assume that profit is made basically from just increasing prices, not reducing them. Actually, the statistics says otherwise – 60% of shoppers worldwide only go out to shop during sales or when using coupons. Popularly employed by most businesses in America and Europe, coupons have shown to be a great marketing tool for improving sales and generate more revenue for businesses. Manufacturers and retailers in these areas have over the years used the e-couponing strategy to:

  1. Drive in new customers – Advertisements on radio, TV and paid online ads are all effective but expensive ways of attracting customers to a business and for that matter, getting a new product out on the market at an affordable cost is a complication for many startups. For new product introduction, coupons have been the most economical, yet effective marketing strategy to use.
  2. Reactivate business – Customers are likely to become quiescent towards a product for a variety of reasons. To solve this usual sales threat, smart business owners tend to offer enticing discounts to reactivate dormant customers.
  3. Recommendations and rewards – People are likely to tell other people about an enticing discount they enjoyed at your shop or restaurant . And even more likely to tell more people when they know they’re going to be rewarded as such, from the points build-up system integrated in some coupon websites.
  4. Quick to obtain – With the introduction of e-coupons, shoppers no longer have to cut coupons out of journals and magazines to redeem. With a smart phone and internet connection, you can download a coupon with all coupon information. Easy to download means customers can use coupons instantly, which instigates impulse buys.
  5.  Attract millennials – Young audience are the group most likely to return to a retailer’s website or coupon website to find coupons before they make up their minds to purchase any item.

How can you grow your local business through coupons and promos?

The owners of Coupons Technologies, Ghana, have introduced COUPONS.COM.GH, Ghana’s premier coupons club, for business owners to sign up, and create a free place listing for their business. The platform is very instinctive and has a friendly interface where business owners can create a free online webpage with photos, description of products and services, social media handles and a ‘get directions’ feature that automatically geocodes your business address into your profile for customers to easily locate. They can also create e-coupons for upcoming promos on their products and services in a vast range of categories; Food and Groceries, Entertainment, Health, Clothing and Fashion, Sports and Fitness, Education and more.

The company prior to its minor launch in September 2019, conducted a market research survey on Ghanaian consumer habits and made these findings:

  • 88% of consumers agreed to have bought a product JUST because it was on discount.
  • 84% voted YES to have been motivated to purchase a product other than their usual brands just because it was on discount.
  • 86% agreed to have bought more quantities of a discounted product.
  • 85% of Ghanaian consumers considered it a good buy whenever they made a purchase with of products on discount.


Registration is FREE! Kindly visit to or contact 054 298 9431 / 020 358 1800 or Email: [email protected] for assistance.

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